Minutes of Annual Parish council Meeting 8th May

Minutes of the Annual Parish Council Meeting of Sedgehill & Semley Parish Council held at Semley Village Hall, on Monday 8th May 2017commencing 7.30pm.

001/17 Elect Chairman: Cllr. Liz Stopford offered to take the position of Chairman.  Due to high volume of commitments no other Elected Councillors at present could consider this position.
Proposed by Cllr. Andrew Ebbens for Cllr. Liz Stopford to hold position of Chairman.  No seconder, one abstention.
“Declaration of Acceptance of Office” forms signed by all three Elected Councillors present and Cllr. Liz Stopford chaired the meeting.
002/17 Elect Vice-Chairman Cllr. Andrew Ebbens happy to hold position of Vice-Chairman.
Proposed by Cllr. Alan Bowerman and seconded by Cllr. Liz Stopford.
003/17 Apologies: Received from Cllr. James Mackaness, Cllr. Robin Moors (possibly late) and Liz Oatts.
004/17 Present: Cllr. Alan Bowerman, Cllr. Andrew Ebbens, Cllr. Liz Stopford, Wiltshire Cllr. Bridget Wayman, Co-option candidate Bryan Coward, Co-option candidate Lena Rose and two members of the public.  Parish Clerk Bev Ford.
005/17 Co-option: Four vacancies have arisen from the Parish Elections, to date we
have three applicants; Liz Oatts, Lena Rose and Bryan Coward.
Co-options carried out by secret ballot, all three applicants
accepted.  The two vacancies filled within Semley and one
vacancy filled within Sedgehill.  Advertising will continue for the
one remaining vacancy within Sedgehill.
006/07 Revise Port-Folio Holders: Various changes to draft proposal circulated with agenda.
Please see attached revised list.
007/17 Public Open Forum:  2 member of public who wished to observe meeting only.  No items raised.
008/17 Declarations of Interest: Received from Cllr. Lena Rose regarding application 17/03781/TCA The Benett Arms, Semley.
009/17 Adopt Minutes of Meetings: The minutes of the meeting held on 6th March 2017 were adopted and signed as a true record, proposed by Cllr. Andrew Ebbens and seconded by Cllr Alan Bowerman, agreed by all this represents a true record.  Minutes of the planning meeting held on 6th April 2017 proposed by Cllr. Alan Bowerman and required Cllr. Robin Moors to second when present at meeting.  If not present by the end of meeting, minutes to be adopted at July meeting.
010/17 Police & Community Safety Partnerships: No police present and no report received.
011/17 Wiltshire Councillor
All very quiet at present due to recent elections.  Thank you to all of you for your support.
012/17 Matters for Consideration:
  • Speed Indicator Device – Revised post positions marked-out, already to move.  Await final feedback from Annual Village Meeting on the 15th May 2017.  The old Wiltshire council SIDs return to George Jeans due to age and missing parts, unable to repair.  Area Board considering purchasing new SIDs.  Point raised, consideration should be given to servicing aspect and audit trail of spare parts, batteries, and instructions for use.
  • Red Telephone Kiosk at Semley – If the Parish Council were to adopted kiosk, insurance coverage already in place.  Agenda item at Annual Village Meeting – await village views.
013/17 Reports:
  • Area Board – no represent from parish council able to attend meeting on 8th March, 2017.
  • Web-site – With thanks to Kim Little the Parish Council’s new web site is live sedgehillandsemleyparishcouncil.org.uk Clerk to receive training soon to enable input and change of data.
014/17 Rights of Way Report: Andrew Ebbens highlighted various points, full report to be circulate with minutes (copy attached).  It was report part of fence by kissing gate entering Oysters Coppice has been moved to access drain.  Farmer in process of re-instating.  Also, reported the wooden kissing gate at this location in very poor condition – enquiries to be made for a metal kissing gate.  Oysters Coppice will be hosting there by-annual Woodlands Alive event on the 8th June for the six clusters schools.
015/17 Planning: New Applications for comments by Parish Council
17/03781/TCA   The Benett Arms, Semley,    Willow tree, cut off
branches entangled with cables.
Proposed by Cllr. Andrew Ebbens and seconded by Cllr. Liz Stopford to support application, all in favour.
Approved by Wiltshire Council
17/01443/Ful   Shunters Yard, Station Road, Semley.
Approved with conditions 11/4/17
17/01841/Ful   Dyers Mead, Semley.
Approved with conditions  16/3/17
17/01686/LBC  Semley School, Semley.
Approved with conditions  11/4/17
Pending Decission by Wiltshire council
17/02450/Ful   Corner Farm, Sedgehill
Section 38 Commons Act 2006  Sewage Treatment Works
replacement, Sem Hill, Semley
Planning Concerns

  • Church House, Sedgehill – awaiting further response form Wiltshire Council     Action:  Clerk to chase.

Afternote – Clerk contacted Wiltshire Council on 9/5/17 and response received – WC have made contact with owner of property regarding parking concerns, discussions have taken place for various solutions.
Enquiry received for information held by the Parish council on Church House under the Freedom of information Act.  Action:  by Clerk.

  • Harts Hill Farm – Foundations completed before 2012, falls within permitted development.
  • Semley Lodge – Trees nearest to the road have been removed and part of gravel area to be re-instated back to common land.
016/17 Commons Committee: The land owner of the Common Land is happy for several village members to assist with local views when enquiries are received asking to make changes on Common Land.  The PC has permission to promote this at the Village Annual Meeting.  The Clerk has made enquiries regarding Commoners Rights i.e. those who has grazing rights, but awaiting confirmation from land owner before information can be released.
017/17 Highways:
  • Finger Post (Barkers Hill) – Delivered and ready to install, which will be early part of next week.  


018/17 Finance:
  • Income & Expenditure Report – as at 31st March 2017(copy attached to minutes).   A balance of £7,929.50 carried forward to 1st April 2017, this

sum includes reserves for the purchase of a community defibrillator and
radios and refurbishment works to Semley War Memorial.  The Benett
Arms is the preferred location for the Defibrillator, subject to permission
to from property owner, further views to be sought from residents at
the at Annual Village Meeting.

  • Adopt accounts year ending 31st March 2017 for External

Audit – A big thank you to Andrew Oatts for carrying out internal audit,
page 4 signed confirming no concerns or issues raised.  Proposed by Cllr.
Andrew Ebbens and seconded by Cllr. Liz Stopford to adopt this set of
accounts a true and accurate record.

  • Income & Expenditure Report – as at 8th May 2017.  Precept

received for this financial year (copy attached to minutes).

  • Set date for Finance Meeting – two dates suggested, Thursday 24th May 2017 or Tuesday 6th June 2017 following planning meeting.  Action:  Clerk to confirm with Cllr. Robin Moors.
019/17 Items for next Agenda:    Red Telephone Kiosk.   Speed Indicator Device.  Defibrillator.
Commons Committee (update).
020/17 Meeting Dates Village Annual Meeting – Date of 15th May 2017 at Semley Village Hall, light refreshments from 7.00pm, meeting to commence at 7.00pm
Parish Council Meetings
Monday 3rd July 2017 – Sedgehill Village Hall at 7.30pm
Monday 11h September 2017 – Semley Village Hall at 7.30pm
(please note this is the second Monday)
Monday 6th November 2017 – Sedgehill Village Hall at 7.30pm
Planning Meetings
Tuesday 6th June 2017
Tuesday 1st August 2017
Tuesday 3rd October 2017
Tuesday 5th December 2017
All planning meetings held at Benett Arms, Restaurant Area, Semley, commencing 10.30am.
AFTER NOTE:  New landlord happy for us to continue to hold planning meetings here.

With no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.15pm