Minutes from 123rd Annual Village Meeting

Minutes of the 123rd Village Annual Parish Meeting held at Semley School Hall, on Monday 9th May 2016 commencing 7.30pm.

01/16 Present: 30 people present (meeting Chaired by Gerry Purdue)
02/16 Apologies: Received from David Pitman and Community Police Peter Tscherniawsky.
03/16 Chairman’s welcome, annual report and presentations from: The Chairman gave a very warm welcome to all present.  A power point presentation was given, with various representative covering the topics below.


Semley Primary School by Julia Stokes Your village school is proud of their Church School status along with another good Ofsted report.  We have a strong focus on English and Maths plus all the other curricular activities including a beautiful outdoor nature classroom area with an aim to inspire and lift the curriculum along with learning traditional folk songs.  This year is Semley School’s 175th Anniversary which we shall celebrate on the 9th June 2016 from 1.30pm.

We continue to upgrade the quality of school buildings; proposed plans are to remove the old port-a-cabin classrooms, which in turn will give more play area to the side/rear of school, once this phase is complete it will then enable the creation of a safer drop-off/collection point at the front of the school with an area for some staff parking.  This all hinges on several factors; especially planning and funding. Question:  Lower marking from Ofsted because of lack of social activities. Answer:    Local demographics has a major effect, 40% of pupils attending Semley School live in Dorset.

Semley Village Stores by Pene Cairns and Alexander Allfrey This community enterprise has been open for 4 years now and has become well established, with a good selection of produce from all nations of cuisine.  With thanks to Lal Poynter the store’s manager (very valued asset) and the wonderful and very important group of volunteers (which we are always looking for more – you don’t even need to work the till – if that’s not for you; stock rotation and sandwich making are all very important jobs too) have brought about the great success of your village shop.  Financially, this is the first year of trading without grant support, now with a good and steady turnover we hope to build enough reserves to support maintenance, running costs and replace assets like fridges and freezers.  Once this is achieved any excess profit will be put back into the community to help support worthy village projects like the school.
Village Churches by Rev’d Richard Warhurst Rev. Richard Warhurst explained we are part of a Benefice of six Churches (Semley, Sedgehill, East Knoyle, Donhead St Mary, Donhead St Andrew and Charlton).  We have held several difference style services including a walk with dogs around Semley, the Rogation service in a barn and even a picnic service at Win Green which are all proving popular.  We have a face book page, viewed by over 600 people.  The Bells at Sedgehill Church are unsafe to ring and the cost to repair will be in the region of £25k.  Our aim is to make Semley Church homelier and up to date, proposed improvements to include toilets, kitchen area, new oak door in porch and glass doors where the old oak door is, heavy curtains/glass window screen under tower to cut back draft.  This work is hoped to commence by September.
Bracher Trust by Rev’d Richard Warhurst Being new to the community Richard was unable to obtain a full report with account balances.
Semley Village Hall by Tony Duthie Tony Duthie gave a detailed report on the proposed improvements required, since the initial survey carried out in 2011 summer fete the management committee has received feedback from the community that your village hall needs a major upgrade.  In particular

·      Car park capacity needs to be increased

·      Toilet facilities need to be modernised and more accessible

·      Entrance more welcoming and spacious

·      Children need a place to meet and play

·      Audio Visual equipment would increase hire of hall

The first improvement has been the building of the children’s play and nature area.  New extension will provide modern toilet and disabled facilities with space for baby changing.  Storage area to the rear for tables and chairs etc.  Inspection by structural engineer and building regulations drawing are complete and tender for the car park area sent out.  £4,288 incurred on professional fees.  The car park will be accessed through filed gate at the front of the hall and the small field to be leased between the hall and railway embankment.  The new car park will allow for 14 cars.

Various questions raised.

Sedgehill Village Hall by Gerry Purdue Registered as a charity with the Charity Commission and requires trustees to comply with legislation and needs new trustees as current ones wish to step down after many years’ service.  Sedgehill residents’ meeting in the autumn to discuss the way forward.

But – in the meantime – contact Gerry Purdue if willing to volunteer to become a trustee.

Bennet Arms Amy Lanchester reported she has been the land lady for five years and the pub has gone from strength to strength and thanks you all for your support.  The pub is no longer under Enterprise Inns, a Free House premises since 2010.  The paint at the front of the building has been taken off and restored back to Green Stone.  Toilet facilities refurbished.  We employee 12 people from the local area and held the 2015 CAMRA Heart of Wessex Award.  Semley Village Fete to be held on 11th June followed by an evening party on the Green.
Planning Issues by Cllr. Robin Moors Over the year there has been twenty-six applications within Sedgehill and Semley, including one application on the boundary of East Knoyle. Ranging from re-building a bungalow, various extensions, a barn conversion, tree applications, agricultural barns, and a prior approval application for antennas to the Mast at Street Lane, Sedgehill.  As a parish council, we have no powers of approval or refusal, we are invited to give comments and local views.  Wiltshire Council consider application under delegated powers, but there is the facility to call in an application through Bridget Wayman our Wiltshire Councillor if it is felt an application could be controversial.
Rights of Way by Cllr. Andrew Ebbens   Gave an in-depth presentation on all the work that has been carried out on the footpaths to bring them back to a useable standard and explained the works that are pending and that which will be carried out over the forthcoming year.
Community Resilience Plan by James Mackaness James has kindly offered to compile a Community Emergency Plan for Sedgehill and Semley.   In the case of an unpredicted event that could potentially affect large numbers of the community eg. A train derailment or a plane crash the Community Emergency Group will form a temporary control centre; liaise with emergency services, local authority, and volunteers from the community.
Speed Indicator Device and the Internet by John Passmore   SIDS – John has been leading the way into enquiries for way to help reduce vehicle speeds through Semley, especially near the village school.  We no longer have enough volunteers to participate in Community Speed Watch so the way forward is the use of Speed Indicator Devices, these are placed at strategic locations on a temporary basis, usually for up to 2-3 weeks in one location and not brought back for at least 2-3 months, otherwise they can lose their effectiveness. Internet – The Government is funding a major project to supply super-fast broadband to rural location.  John will make further enquires and report back to the parish council.
Wiltshire Councillor Bridget Wayman Bridget explained she represents the Nadder & East Knoyle Division for Wiltshire Council coving twelve parishes in total.  Being one of five councillors for the South West Area Board.  She sits on the Cranborne Chase and other various panels.  Budget cuts are still fairly substantial, large sums of money need to be found for Adult Care.  Highways are bringing back the Parish Steward Scheme, please report any issues on the My Wiltshire App.  Fly tipping has increased, likewise, please report using the app.  These rural locations are very isolating for the young people.  Funding has been sourced to re-employee Jaki Farrell as Youth Worker full time in our area.
04/16 Adopt Minutes of Annual Parish: The minutes of the 122nd Annual Village Meeting held on 5th May 2015 were adopted and signed as a true account, proposed by John Passmore and seconded by Andrew Ebbens.
05/16 Any other questions: No further questions raised.
06/16 Parish Council Accounts: For year ending 31st March 2016 (copy attached to minutes)

With no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.55pm