Agenda – Interim/Planning Meeting 5 February 2019


Councillors are summoned to the Interim/Planning Meeting of Sedgehill & Semley Parish Council at Sedgehill Village Hall, on Tuesday 5th February 2019 commencing 7.30pm.

AGENDA – Interim/Planning Meeting

The Chairman will confirm if any part of the meeting may not be filmed, photographed or audio recorded.
If any member of the public has an objection to being filmed, photographed or audio recorded, please would they make themselves known to the Chairman or the Parish Clerk before the start of the meeting.


Public Participation and Presentations: (Questions and/or statements)
This is an opportunity for residents of Sedgehill & Semley Parish to speak, for a maximum of 3 minutes, on any agenda item or other matter of interest.


a.  declarations of disclosable pecuniary and non-pecuniary interests already declared in
the Register of Interests.
b.  declarations of disclosable pecuniary and non-pecuniary interests not previously declared in the Register of Interests.
     Reminder – please ensure Interests registered with WC are kept up to date.

New Applications for comments by Parish Council
19/00622/VAR. The cow Stalls, Lower House Farm, Sedgehill. SP7 9JF
Variation of condition 2 and removal of condition 3 of 18/09682/PNCOU relating to the occupancy of the site and the requirement of a Land Contamination Assessment.

19/00834/OHL Tisbury Electricity Circuit (TISB) E4L5 11kv
Replacement of Wooden Electricity Poles on the Tisbury Curciut

18/12111/CLE Whitebridge Farm, Sedgehill. SP7 9JT
Application for Lawful Development Certificate for an existing site use as a cottage “The cheese House” has been let as a dwelling since 2001.

Approved by Wiltshire Council
18/11204/Ful 2WhitebridgeFarmCottages,Sedgehill.SP79JU   Erection of Garage/Workshop     WC approved 18/1/19

18/1124/CLE Pond Cottage, Whitebridge Farm, Sedgehill. SP7 9JT  An application for a lawful development certificate for an existing use for the above dwelling.                                                                                                             WC approved 28/1/19

Matters for Consideration:
a. Lease of Land at Sedgehill – Signing of Lease

Next Meeting Dates:
Monday 4th March 2019 Full Meeting Sedgehill village Hall, commencing 7.30pm

Parish Clerk.  Bev Ford
01747 871638 or 07531 170061.