Agenda 2018 Monday 14th May


Notice of Convening Order

Councillors are summoned to the Annual Meeting of Sedgehill & Semley Parish Council at Semley Village Hall, on Monday 14thMay 2018commencing 7.30pm.


The Chairman will confirm if any part of the meeting may notbe filmed, photographed or

audio recorded.

If any member of the public has an objection to being filmed, photographed or audio recorded, please would they make themselves known to the Chairman or the Parish Clerk before the start of the meeting.


  1. Elect Chairman:
  2. Elect Vice Chairman:
  3. Public Participation and Presentations:   (Questions and/or statements)

This is an opportunity for residents of Sedgehill & Semley Parish to speak, for a

maximum of 3 minutes, on any agenda item or other matter of interest.

Wessex Water Road Closure

  1. Present:
  2. Apologies:    Received from Cllr. Alan Bowerman due to operation and Cllr. James Mackaness due to work commitments.  Resignation from Cllr. Lena Rose.
  3. Dispensations:
    1. declarationsofdisclosablepecuniaryandnon-pecuniaryinterestsalreadydeclaredintheRegisterofInteres
    2. declarationsofdisclosablepecuniaryandnon-pecuniaryinterestsnotpreviouslydeclaredintheRegisterofInterest

Reminder – If required please update Interests registered with Wiltshire Council.

  1. Review Committees, Sub-Committees and Port-folio holders:
  2. Adopt Minutes of Meetings:

Parish Council meeting held on Monday 5thMarch 2018, Planning Meeting on

Tuesday 3rdApril 2018 and Extra Ordinary Meeting on Wednesday 3nd May 2018.

  1. Planning:

New Applications for comments by Parish Council

18/02670/Ful    The Drove, Barkers Hill, Semley                    PC approved 03/04/18

18/02826/106   Land at chaldicotts Farm, Semley

18/02670/Ful    Bat Willow cottage, Sedgehill

Pending decision by WC

17/11672/Ful    Corner Farm, Sedgehill SP7 9JR  Awaiting Bat survey results June 18

Extension and refurbishment of existing farmhouse.

Approved by Wiltshire Council

18/00334/Ful    Land Adj. Street Lane, Sedgehill                    WC Approved 05/03/18

18/00402/Ful    Semley House, Semley                                  WC Approved 05/03/18

18/01721/Ful    Kirton Farm, Semley Common                      WC Approved 10/04/18



  1. Matters for Consideration:
    1. Traffic Calming – Triangle by church Farm, Semley– Topography Survey £1,500.Parish Pouncil contribution 25% to 50%
    2. Speed Indicator Device                                         Clerk
    3. Defibrillator Andrew Ebbens
    4. Review Standing Orders
    5. Review Financial Regulations
    6. Review other Policies
    7. Church Farm, Sedgehill
      1. Grass Triangle/Pond
      2. Village Hall ground
    8. Wiltshire Councillor Report: Bridget Wayman.
    9. Police/Community Safety Reports: PC Peter Tscherniawsky.
    10. Area Board Report:    Liz Stopford.
    11. Common Land Committee Report:   Alan Bowerman
    12. Health & Wellbeing Report: Liz Oatts/ Cllr. Roz Conlon
    13. Rights of Way Report: Andrew Ebbens
    14. Highways: Next Parish Steward visits:  19thJune 2018, 17thJuly 2018 and 10thSeptember 2018.  No visit in August 2018 due to verge cutting.

John Passmore standing down from deployment of Area Board SID.

Input from all welcome…..Highway defects.

  1. Finance:
    1. Income & Expenditure Report– as at 14thJanuary 2018
    2. Adopt Annual Accounts for year ending 31stMarch 2018
    3. NALC National Pay Increase 2018-19
  2. Items for next Agenda:
  3. Meeting Dates 2018:

Parish Council Meeting:     Monday 2ndJuly 2018                 Sedgehill Village Hall

Monday 10thSeptember 2018  Semley Village Hall

Monday 5thNovember 2018    Sedgehill Village Hall

Planning Meetings:             Tuesday 5thJune 2018

Tuesday 7thAugust 2018

Tuesday 2ndOctober 2017

Tuesday 4thDecember 2017

All planning meetings are held at Restaurant Area, Benett Arms, Semley, at 9.30am


Parish Clerk:    Mrs B Ford   (01747) 871638            E-mail: