Agenda 2018 – Monday 10th September


Notice of Convening Order

Councillors are summoned to the Annual Meeting of Sedgehill & Semley Parish Council at Semley Village Hall, on Monday 10thSeptember 2018commencing 7.30pm.


The Chairman will confirm if any part of the meeting may notbe filmed, photographed or   audio recorded.

If any member of the public has an objection to being filmed, photographed or audio recorded, please would they make themselves known to the Chairman or the Parish Clerk before the start of the meeting.

Public Participation and Presentations:    (Questions and/or statements)

This is an opportunity for residents of Sedgehill & Semley Parish to speak, for a maximum of 3 minutes, on any agenda item or other matter of interest.

38/09/18   Present:

39/09/18   Apologies:     Received from

40/09/18   Dispensations:

  1. declarationsofdisclosablepecuniaryandnon-pecuniaryinterestsalreadydeclaredintheRegisterofInteres
  2. declarationsofdisclosablepecuniaryandnon-pecuniaryinterestsnotpreviouslydeclaredintheRegisterofInterest

Reminder – If required please update Interests registered with Wiltshire Council.

41/09/18   Co-option:  One applicant to date – information circulated to all Councillors by email on 14/7/18

42/09/18   Adopt Minutes of Meetings:     Parish Council meeting held on Monday 2ndJuly and Planning Meeting on Tuesday 7thAugust 2018.

43/09/18   Planning:       

New Applications for comments by Parish Council

                    18/08218/TCA        Benett Arms, Semley.  SP7 9AS        Fell willow Tree

                    Pending decision by WC

18/07570/TPO   Oysters Coppice Nature Reserve

Conservation Management Plan to include (inter alia) some tree

felling, thinning and coppicing.

Info circulated to all councillors by email – couple of responses received.

Information not clear and plan required.  Leave to judgement of WC Tree Officer

who has a better understanding of Conservation Management.

                    18/06571/Ful    Westwood Farm, Semley. SP7 9AY

Conversion of outbuilding for additional accommodation

18/05519/Ful    Oyster Farm, Gutch Common. SP7  9AU

Animal shelter and feed store and associated works for hard


Approved by Wiltshire Council

                    18/06465/Ful   Semley School, Semley. SP7 9AU            WC Approved 16/8/18

                    18/05639/Ful  Semley School, Semley. SP7 9AU            WC Approved 8/8/18

                    18/06175/LBC Semley School, Semley. SP7 9AU            WC Approved 8/8/18

                    18/05182/Ful   Hook Manor, Don. St Andrew. SP7 9EU  WC Approved 13/8/18

18/05855/LBC  Hook Manor, Don. St Andrew. SP7 9EUWC Approved 13/8/18

                    17/11672/Ful   Corner Farm, Sedgehill. SP7 9JR              WC Approved 30/8/18

                    18/02670/Ful   The Drove, Barkers Hill, Semley              WC Approved 13/7/18

                    18/02826/106  Land at Chaldicotts Farm, Semley           WC Approved 29/8/18

WC Briefing Note 367 – Revised National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

Emailed to all Councillors on 4/9/18

WC Breifing Note 365 – Social Housing Green Paper.

Emailed to all Councillors on 4/9/18

44/09/18   Matters for Consideration:

  1. WW1 Commemorative Solider– Enquiry for Donation towards a second solider for the other end of Semley Green.
  2. Church Farm, Sedgehill– Lease agreement; agree if any searches required.
  3. Electoral Boundary Review of Wiltshire Council– 3 emails with related info circulated to all Councillors on 4/09/18.
  4. Defibrillator– In-situ and working. Training update by Cllr. Andrew Ebbens
  5. SLCC– Update Training Course for Clerk
  6. Clerks email Disclaimer, Email Contact Privacy Notice and Privacy Notice
  7. Review Standing Orders– previously circulated
  8. Review Financial Regulations– previously circulated
  9. Review other Policies
  10. Traffic Calming Church Farm Junction– to be added to scheme of works at next CATG meeting.


45/09/18   Wiltshire Councillor Report:  Bridget Wayman.

46/09/18   Police/Community Safety Reports:  PC Peter Tscherniawskyinformed the Clerk no newsletter available at present (as at 4/9/18)

47/09/18   Area Board Report:    Cllr. Liz Stopford.

48/09/18   Common Land Committee Report:   Cllr. Alan Bowerman

49/09/18   Health & Wellbeing Report:   Cllr. Liz Oatts/ Cllr. Roz Conlon

50/09/18   Rights of Way Report:  Cllr. Andrew Ebbens

51/09/18   Highways:   Next Parish Steward visit on 10thSeptember 2018. October date tbc.

52/09/18   Finance:    Income & Expenditure Report – as at 31stAugust 2018

53/09/18   Items for next Agenda:

54/09/18   Meeting Dates 2018:   

Parish Council Meeting:        Monday 5thNovember 2018     Sedgehill Village Hall

Monday 7thJanuary 2019          Semley Village Hall

                    InterimPlanning Meetings:  Tuesday 2ndOctober 2017

Tuesday 4thDecember 2017

All Interim Meetings to be held at Sedgehill Village Hall, Sedgehill, commencing 7.30pm

Parish Clerk:    Mrs B Ford   (01747) 871638   or   m. 07531 170061 E-mail: