Agenda 2018 – Interim Planning Meeting 1st October

Councillors are summoned to the Interim/Planning Meeting of Sedgehill & Semley Parish Council at Sedgehill Village Hall, on Monday 1stOctober 2018commencing 7.30pm.




The Chairman will confirm if any part of the meeting may not be filmed, photographed or

audio recorded.

If any member of the public has an objection to being filmed, photographed or audio recorded, please would they make themselves known to the Chairman or the Parish Clerk before the start of the meeting.


Public Participation and Presentations:   (Questions and/or statements)

This is an opportunity for residents of Sedgehill & Semley Parish to speak, for a maximum of 3 minutes, on any agenda item or other matter of interest.


55/10/18   Present:


56/10/18   Apologies:     Received from


57/10/18   Matter for consideration:

  1. Planning:

18/08355/Ful             Glebe Barns, Semley Common, Semley SP7 9AP

Single storey extension and glazed link.

18/08914/TCA           Long Cottage, Semley SP7 9AU

Carry out canopy reduction by upto 3m

  1. Lease:             Draft lease pasted to Chairman to view and circulate among


Email circulated to all councillors on 17/9/18 relating to Land Registry Register B13 Notice of an application to register easements or other rights.


78/10/18   Items for next agenda:


79/10/18   Next Meeting Dates:                    All meetings commence 7.30pm

Monday 5thNovember 2018         Full Meeting – Sedgehill Village Hall.

Monday 3rdDecember 2018          Interim Meeting – Sedgehill Village Hall.

Monday 7thJanuary 2019             Full Meeting – Semley Village Hall.


Parish Clerk:    Mrs B ford       01747 871638 or m. 07531 170061