2017 Minutes – 3rd July

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Monday 3rd July 2017 at Sedgehill Village Hall, commencing 7.30pm.

021/17 Public Open Forum: No questions asked or concerns raised.
022/17 Present: Cllr. Liz Stopford (Chairman), Cllr. Andrew Ebbens (Vice Chairman), Cllr. Robin Moors, Cllr. Alan Bowerman, Cllr. Bryan Coward, Cllr. James Mackaness, Cllr. Lena Rose, Bev Ford (Parish Clerk), Roz Conlon, Tony Duthie, Martin Dines, Fay Duthie and John Passmore.
023/17 Apologies: Cllr. Liz Oatts.
024/17 Co-option: One applicant, Roz Conlon.  Proposed by Cllr. Andrew Ebbens and seconded by Cllr. James Mackaness to co-opt Roz Conlon as a Parish Councillor (Unanimous).
025/17 Declaration of Interest: Received from Cllr. Andrew Ebbens regarding planning application 17/05421/Ful (personal friend of applicant).
At the discretion of the Chairman agenda items 11. h CIL/R2 funding, 11. a, 20mph speed limits and 10. Community SID were brought forward on agenda.
026/17 Matter for Consideration: 11.h CIL/R2 Funding – Tony Duthie confirmed if the parish council were favourable in allowing the current R2 funding to be used at Semley Village Hall to further advance play area and village hall facilities (subject to meeting Wiltshire Council criteria).  Also, this would allow the Village Hall to match fund.

Proposed by Cllr. James Mackaness and seconded by Cllr. Alan Bowerman with all in favour to apply to WC to release funds for use by Semley Village Hall.

11.a  20mph Speed Limit – Martin Dines raised concerns on behalf of many villagers regarding traffic speed through our village, crossing the road from the Benett Arms to the Green, Semley School, and the Church is very dangerous, especially past Semley Village Hall now that a Pre-School will be taking residence from September 2017.  Martin is happy to lead a road safety campaign for village feedback.    Update – at September meeting.

10. Community SID – John Passmore reported at the Nadder Centre meeting on 23rd June the Area Board have £8,000 funding available for parishes to bid for; SSPC have registered an interest.  Should our bid be successful, funds in precept can be re-allocated in the next financial year 18-19.  Hindon Parish Council have purchased their own SID with solar power panels and data collection.     Proposed by Cllr. Liz Stopford and seconded by Cllr. Andrew Ebbens for John Passmore to compile quotations from three suppliers comparing costs; on basic SIDs, with/without solar panels, with/without data collection and with/without Bluetooth.   Update – at September meeting.  Two posts relocated.  Alan, Bryan, and John confirmed they are happy to continue with deployment of SIDs.

027/17 Finalise Port-Folio Holders: Second draft circulated.  Newly co-opted councillor Roz Conlon expressed an interest in Health & Wellbeing.  It was suggested, may be Martin Dines would be interested in Transport and Highways (Semley).   Action:  Clerk to ask.
028/17 Adopt Minutes of Meetings: The minutes of the Planning meeting held on 6th April 2017 were adopted and signed as a true record, proposed by Cllr. Robin Moors and seconded by Cllr. Alan Bowerman.

The minutes of the Annul Parish Council meeting held on 8th May 2017 were adopted and signed as a true record after the correction of wording on the Rights of Way Report: “Hedgerow trimmed NOT removed by farmer”.  New report to be circulated and attached to minutes with correct wording.   Proposed by Cllr. Andrew Ebbens and seconded by Cllr. Robin Moors.

The Minutes of the Planning Meeting held on 6th June 2017 were adopted and signed as a true record, proposed by Cllr. Robin Moors and seconded by Cllr. Lena Rose.

Notes on the Sub-Finance Committee meeting held on 6th June 2017 were agreed to be a true record, proposed by Cllr. Robin Moors and seconded by Cllr. James Mackaness.

029/17 Police/Neighbourhood Watch & Community Safety Partnership: No report received.

After Note:   A report was sent late Monday afternoon from Any Harman, Community Police Coordinator for Tisbury and Mere areas.  Circulated to all councillors Tuesday morning.

030/17 Wiltshire Cllr Report: Bridget Wayman not present at meeting, no report received.
031/17 Community SID Please see above 027/17
032/17 Matters for Consideration: a.     20mph Speed Limit through Semley Village – Please see above 026/17:

b.     Speed Indicator Device – Please see above 026/17:

c.     Defibrillator –  Cllr. Liz Stopford confirmed a defibrillator could be placed at Chaldicotts Barns.  Many questions were raise regarding long term maintenance and low power supply.  Action:  Cllr. Andrew Ebbens and Cllr. Roz Conlon to research more info and report back at September PC meeting.

d.     Red Telephone Box, Semley – Unanimous feeling at Village Annual meeting the phone box to remain as a working phone.  Sedgehill phone box in poor condition.  Action:  Clerk contact BT.

e.     Wildlife/Rivers/Environmental RepresentativeAction:  Cllr. Liz Oatts to help publish information.

f.      Improving Rivers in South West WiltshireAction:  Cllr. Liz Oatts to help publish information.

g.     Oak Tree Project – Roz Conlon happy to lead project to Map all oak trees and to clearly mark those in hedge rows to avoid being cut.  Assistance will be required in finding contact details for land owners.

h.     CIL/R2 Funding – Please see above 026/17:

033/17 Area Board Report: Liz Stopford – meeting on 31st May 2017.  Grants available to help purchase SID.  Tree Planting Scheme for WW1.  Remember to sign up for community messaging (next meetings – 26th July and 11th October).
034/17 Common Land Committee Report: Cllr. Alan Bowerman explained there are 252 leases.  Back in 1980 there were 26 lease holders, but with properties and farms merging over the years there are now approximately 16 lease holders.  Cllr. Alan Bowerman meeting with Lord Talbot next week.  Update to follow.
035/17 Health & Wellbeing Report: The first conference of the South West Wiltshire Dementia Action Alliance was held at the Nadder Centre, Tisbury on Monday 26 June 2017.  Cllr. Liz Oatts circulate report by email due to her absence at this meeting.
036/17 Rights of Way Report: Cllr. Andrew Ebbens explained recent works carried out, photos circulated of new kissing gates at Oysters Coppice.  Full report to be circulated next week.

Polite letter to be sent to Vale View and other properties at Gutch Common regarding over grown hedges.                           Action:  Clerk.

Also, several hedges are over grown at Barkers Hill.

Action:  Clerk to send polite letters.

037/17 Planning: New Applications for comments by Parish Council

17/05421/Ful    Dyers Mead, Semley.  SP7 9HG 

Demolish existing house except recent 2 storey ext. and replace with house on existing footprint.  Cllr. Robin Moors read out draft response letter, requesting missing plan P4a showing proposed north elevation details, also suggesting this would be an ideal time to set dwelling further back from road.  A concern was raised reference to parking on road, Cllr. Robin Moors confirmed plans show adequate off-road parking.

Proposed by Cllr. Robin Moors and seconded by Cllr. Liz Stopford to send letter raising comments.

17/03935/Ful    Cowleaze, Semley.  SP7 9AX

Erect single storey ext. to form garden room and replacement garage.  Cllr. Robin Moors has spoken to all neighbours who are all happy with this extension.

Proposed by Cllr. Robin Moors and seconded by Cllr. Bryan Coward, no objections raised.

17/05110/Ful    Fernbrook, Semley Common.  SP7 9HG

Single storey rear extension.  Cllr. Robin Moors has viewed location and confirmed it is not overlooked.

Proposed by Cllr. Robin Moors and seconded by Cllr. Bryan Coward, no objections raised.

Approved by Wiltshire Council

17/03925/Ful   Kirton Barn, Semley.  SP7 9AS  WC approved 16/6/17

17/03781/TCA The Benett Arms, Semley. WC no objections 30/5/17

               Willow tree, cut off branches entangled with cables.

17/02450/Ful   Corner Farm, Sedgehill               WC approved 3/5/17

Section 38 Commons Act 2006  Sewage Treatment Works

replacement, Sem Hill, Semley   Automatic Approval

With reference to Cllr. Andrew Ebbens questions raised by email, Cllr. Robin Moors confirmed many years back the Parish Council considered a Neighbourhood Plan but felt it was too costly and time consuming for the little advantage that may be gained.   Sedgehill & Semley villages come under the Southern Area Strategy plan.

Planning Training course – For Clerks and Councillors to be held at the Nadder Centre on 12th September 2017.

038/17 Highways: a.     Finger Post (Jct Barkers Hil/Berry Wood Lane) No.88    Installed.

b.     Finger Post (C61 Share Corner) No.79   Post leaning – duty of PC to correct.    Action:  Cllr. Alan Bowerman and Clerk to investigate fixing.

c.     Newsletter May 2017 – Circulated by email to all councillors.

d.     Over Grown hedges – Advert in Church Magazine to prompt this is the duty of land owners and in the interest of safety encourage people to cut back.

039/17 Finance: a.     Income & Expenditure Report – as at 3rd July 2017

b.     Update Bank Signatories – It was agreed to add Cllr. Andrew Ebbens, Cllr. Lena Rose and Cllr. James Mackaness.

c.     Declaration of Interest – Reminder email circulated to all councillors following May Elections.

d.     Recommendations from Finance Sub-Committee Meeting

i.     Review of current Standing Orders –  recommend no changes required.  Proposed by Cllr. James Mackaness and seconded by Cllr. Liz Stopford, carried unanimously.

      ii.     Review of Financial Regulations – recommend no changes required.  Proposed by Cllr. James Mackaness and seconded by Cllr. Liz Stopford, carried unanimously.

     iii.     Review of other Regulations – please see attached list.  Proposed by Cllr. James Mackaness and seconded by Cllr. Liz Stopford, to adopt Publicity, Grievance and Disciplinary and Social Media policies, similar to the wording of Tisbury Parish council, carried unanimously.

iv.     Clerk’s salary review –  Clerk left the meeting whilst councillors discussed current salary.  Proposed by Cllr. James Mackaness and seconded by Cllr. Robin Moors to raise clerk’s pay scale by 2 SCP, carried unanimously.

040/17 Items for next agenda: Community SID.  Defibrillator.  20mph speed limit.
041/17 Meeting Dates 2017: With many new councillors, it was asked if a Monday was a convenient evening for all.  Traditionally meetings have always been held on Monday, thought to be given if there is a need to alter.  It was also asked if planning meetings could be held at an earlier time of 9.30am.  It was agreed to try this, though this will cause difficulty to one councillor due to work commitments, who in the past attend all planning meetings.

Parish Council Meeting:

Monday 11th September 2017    Semley Village Hall

Monday 6th November 2017    Sedgehill Village Hall

Planning Meetings:

Tuesday 1st August, Tuesday 3rd October, Tuesday 5th December 2017

All planning meetings are held at Restaurant Area, Benett Arms, Semley, at a revised earlier time of 9.30am


With no further business, the chairman closed the meeting at 9.40pm.